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2.0.5 Table editor question

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2.0.5 Table editor question
I have just upgraded from 2.0.3 with the 2.0.4 security patch to 2.0.5. I am now revisiting the import data function from the Table Editor. If I select Category|Properties|Import Data I get a screen exactly as shown in the 2.0.5 manual.doc. BUT, if I select Links|Properties|Import Data I do not get the Fields to Import select boxes as described in manual.doc, only the import from text file or text field.

What am I missing?

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Re: [surfsafely] 2.0.5 Table editor question In reply to

This is a change in 2.0.5 that did not get updated in the manual. We removed the ability to check what fields to import/export, as the import/export now includes category information (the category the link is in). This was neccessary to be able to keep category information while working offline.


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Re: [Alex] 2.0.5 Table editor question In reply to

Having category information in the same file is greatly preferable. This should allow me to import successfully using the output files from my custom spider script. I'm just about ready to start testing it.