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1 Col Category List & No Linked Title?

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1 Col Category List & No Linked Title?

i've got my category list displaying as a single column down the left hand side of my page.

what i want to do is keep the category list shown on the left hand side even if someone has entered a category with links in it, instead of displaying the linked title across the top - meaning it's permanently got a category list down the left hand side.

does anyone know how I could do this?

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Re: [ryel01] 1 Col Category List & No Linked Title? In reply to
Check out the older posts on the TOP 10 and such. Several of the posts showed how to put the category list, by depth, into a global.

I _think_ I even posted a tag that would display the list of categories to depth N, where N was how many levels down you wanted to go. It was a simple extension of the TOP NN tag I posted. For a brief period people got excited about putting the TOP nn anything into a tag, <G>

I would guess about February, but things have been so crazy, it could have been 6 months earlier than that.

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