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I want to use the header.txt template on other parts of my site (with using SSI calls).

But I have of course protected the /admin directory....And SSi seems unwilling to include thins that is protected....

I thought I just upload a blank .htaccess file, so that settings for upper restrictions was not followed. But that didnīt work, of course :-)

Any ideas? I want to edit just ONE header file for pages inside the Links and outside its directories...I could have links called all templates from outside its directory, but that makes problems including SSI files from the cgi scripts.

And BTW: Yahoo! style sub-categories on frontpage to LSNG 2?


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You can symlink the file outside of your admin directory:

ln -s /path/to/header.txt /path/to/pages/header.txt

and then include the one in pages.



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