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(MysqlMan + "Oops")=Not Good

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(MysqlMan + "Oops")=Not Good
In many of my previous posts Ive tried to find a way to do
stuff without mysqlman, but eventually I had to bite into
it. The work I did is mostly OK, except for this one problem...
While fooling around, I screwed up the Tables for the table
lsql_Links and lsql_CatLinks. I deleted some primary keys,
made some not unique and studd liek that. I figured it
wouldent matter since it never should really try to add a
non unique number anyway. Anywho, I started getting these
errors, so i changed everything back to the way I thought
they were but no luck. The errors are:

When you try to add a link as the admin :

Failed to execute query: 'INSERT INTO lsql_Links

VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,NULL)'
Reason: Duplicate entry
'4294967295' for key 1' for key 1

The problem here is it always tries to add the link with the
ID '4294967295'. That shouldnt have anything to do with
sql should it? When a non-admin tries to add a link it
gives a more user friendly error like 'cannot have test.com
as a url', but i assume its the same error.

Does anybody have any ideas?

P.S. Congrats to the people who wrote the forum software.
Even though I've posted more then my fair share of
messages, it still knows im a newbie :)