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[suggestion] line numbering for online editor

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[suggestion] line numbering for online editor
I'll give it a rest soon, I promise!! Just let me suggest this:

SUGGESTION: Show line numbers for the file you are editing in the plug-in editing text box.

This could be having another little text box next to the editing box which show the current line of the document you are editing. Excellent for sorting out those errors which fail the perl check, from right in your editor, rather than cutting and pasting to another program to see which line you are on!

I am assuming this is fairly easy to do in perl, as I have done a similar thing for one of my ASP sites. Just make the box un-tabable/uneditable, and have it update as you move through the editing box. An example I did was a running word counter, as you type in one box the number of characters, and words typed showed up in the other box.

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