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[suggestion] Spider on submission

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[suggestion] Spider on submission
Ok, I realise there is a plugin which sort of does this? Paul's AddSpider_SQL(I can't get it to work for me Unsure so I am not exactly sure what it does or looks like).

But this would be a great thing for inclusion into Links:

When a user submits their link on the link addition form, you have options to set:

[X] Require Title Meta Tags

[X] Require Description Meta Tags (length must be [50]% greater than title.)

[X] Check Link Status on submission (Require Normal Status Code for submission)

Then at the same time check the site for status errors - just like the Database>Tools>Verify Links does.

Then produce a report - if submission fails, and enhance the success report like:

http://www.aeiwi.com/submit.html Try submitting a link here... very nice style I think! Try sumbitting a site which doesnt have a title or description also. You get the idea.

Red items are options to be set in admin. And I think these requirements/checking could be expanded on also.

(Paul: how hard would it be for your plug-in to do this type of thing?)

I know I promised these suggestions would stop... but I think this is a good one, don't you?

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