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[suggestion] Import/Export Improvement

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[suggestion] Import/Export Improvement
I notice that with Links SQL 2.1.1, the database export now backs up your custom tables (including tables created by plug-ins).

The problem with this, is if a user un-installs and no longer uses a plug-in, they cannot restore for an old backup as it will produce a fatal error when it cannot find the plug-ins table to import to.

I would like to suggest that a fatal error is NOT produced, rather a warning is issued, and the import continues without importing to this missing table.

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Ian: Jul 17, 2002, 11:37 AM
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Re: [Ian] [suggestion] Import/Export Improvement In reply to
Agreed, I had this problem the other day after installing a plugin which I then removed.. then restored my site from a backup. I had to re-install then un-install the plugin to get my backup to work!