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[SUGGESTION] for plugin wizard

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[SUGGESTION] for plugin wizard
Currently, when you add configuration options to plugins, all thse options will appear on the "edit" page. I believe it would be nice if these options were instead displayed from sub-pages, so they could be broken down into groups of related options.

What I envision would be best, is after you create the menu functions, you should then be able to assign config options to appear for just that page. The auto-generated subroutines for the menu pages should include basic code for updating the plugin config.

At the moment, it seems the only way to accomplish this is to NOT use the options wizard, and instead, manually create a hash of options in your install.pm file and load them into plugins.cfg with Links::Plugins->set_plugin_registry(). This puts the variables in in the 'registry' section, instead of the 'user' section, and as a result the options do not show up when you load the "edit" page.

Other *minor* annoyances:

There is no "templates" option to assign a file to. You have to either include the path in the file name field (ie, /templates/$CFG->{build_default_tpl}/template.html) or manually edit the un-tar code.

There is no way to update plugin meta data (version, timestamp ,etc.) on subsequent passes of the wizard without choosing to "overwrite" the whole plugin module.

Limecat is not pleased.