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[Language fix] GT lib Language fix in forms (Downdrop menus in forms are displayed in your language)

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[Language fix] GT lib Language fix in forms (Downdrop menus in forms are displayed in your language)
I created a modification of GT library v3.2.0, so you can use your translated text in forms, where downdrop menu lists the following items:
Like, Exact Match, Not Equal, Greater Than, Like, Less Than

Modified files:

Added files:

IMPORTANT! Before you apply the attached fix, you should backup file:

You need to edit and add the following parts into language.txt in used template dir:
'FORM_EXACT_MATCH' => 'Exact Match',
'FORM_NOT_EQUAL' => 'Not Equal',
'FORM_GREATER_THAN' => 'Greater Than',
'FORM_LIKE' => 'Like',
'FORM_LESS_THAN' => 'Less Than',
You can also add these language tags, using the
Admin/Build/User Language editor
Admin/Templates/User Language editor

The language elements are changed to your language in this form:
<select name="Levels-opt">
<option value="LIKE">Like</option>
<option value="=">Exact Match</option>
<option value="<>">Not Equal</option>
<option value="&gt;">Greater Than</option>
<option value="&lt;">Less Than</option>

This fix was tested in DBManSQL v2.1.0, using GT library from LinksSQL v3.2.0.
It will likely work under LinksSQL v3.2.0, or if you use the latest GT app having version v3.2.0, or if you copy GT library (v3.2.0) from LinksSQL into your app (before you apply this fix).

The attached GT Language fix is not tested in details, so use it for your responsibility.

Please notify me of any problems you find.

Best regards,

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