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<no subject>
I searched and didn't find the answer - so here comes my question.
I tried to manually add my mailing list to the Custom List withn LINKS SQL admin. I found that at around 1,850 it wouldn't take any more. I was cut and pasting fine until around then and each address was on a new line, then suddenly the email addresses all ran together in one big line and then I couldn't post any more (I had another 1,000 to add).Does anyone know
(1) If there is a limit on email addresses you can add to custom lists (2) If there is not a limit then could you advise me of the easiest way to get the full list in?
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This sounds like a windows resource problem in your browser. Reboot your machine, and try this again from a fresh boot.

Usually, when the problem you describe happens, it's the display driver fighting for resources, and crashed/clashed with something else.

I haven't worked with this much, but GT may need to change the way they handle the display, if it's trying to output too much information into a single resource block.

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