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<Full_Name> Tag question

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<Full_Name> Tag question
In my template browser_link_validate_form.html the form shows the category a link is in by calling <%Name%>. The problem is that it doesn't display the full name and I have lots of subcats with the same names. I need it to display the full name, yet when I substitute <%Full_Name%> it tells me that it doesn't understand that tag. I see Full_Name in the database in the same table as Name. Why can't I call it?

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Re: [Demolitioncrew] <Full_Name> Tag question In reply to
wow... after much searching. I found the answer to this one in an older post. I'm putting it here again in case someone else has this problem in the future and they don't see the other post...

create a global. I called my full_cat_path

the global should contain:


sub {
#return the Full_Name for a category based on the category_id available in browser_category.html

my $rec = shift;
my $category_id = $rec->{category_id};
my $cat = $DB->table('Category')->select( ['Full_Name'], { ID => $category_id } )->fetchrow_array;

$cat =~ s,(.*?)/.+/(.*?/.+)$,$1/.../$2,;

return $cat;