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%category_name% Change Format

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%category_name% Change Format
I read an old post about this, but I thought I'd ask to see the best way to do this.

I simply want to replace the "/" in the category title with another character. eg. ":" or "-".

I have the latest version 2.2 links sql.

Anyone know an easy way to do this?



I want to look like:

<title>My_Category : Sub_Folder</title>

One more thing. I am a perl idiot so if you have a code example, please be specific. I am a PHP guy at heart.

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mddrew01: Jun 14, 2004, 7:04 PM
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Re: [mddrew01] %category_name% Change Format In reply to
You could try a new global;


sub {
my $in = $_[0];
$in =~ s|\Q/| : |g;
#$in =~ s/_/ /g;

This should replace the / with :, and also a space between it. i.e;

<title>My_Category : Sub_Folder</title>

... and if you remove the # comment in that routine, it should also change it to look like;

<title>My Category : Sub Folder</title>

Hope that helps :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [mddrew01] %category_name% Change Format In reply to
Thanks Andy Worked great!

For anyone else looking to do this. Here are more detailed instructions

go to Build -> Template Globals

Add a global called Whatever:

Let's say


add the following code in the description field:

sub {
my $in = shift;
$in =~ s,/, : ,g;
return $in;

Then in the category.html template add:


to your title.

You can change the character to whatever you want in this line:

$in =~ s,/, : ,g;