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$25 to fix non-working links

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$25 to fix non-working links
Hi, everyone!

Anyone have time to help me get my links working again? Payment is $25.

Here is an example link to one of my category pages:


All of the links lead to this error:

Oops, we had the following problem:
Unable to find link with id: '3206'

I contacted my host to see if there have been server changes.

They said no... and to look back at any recent database changes.

The only recent change has been adding to my phpbb forum.

The person helping me with that doesn't see how this has affected my links.

Can anyone help?

Paula S :)
That which is essential is invisible to the eyes.
St. Exupery
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Re: [PaulaSmiles] $25 to fix non-working links In reply to
Hi Paula,

the only way could be that the installation of phpbb did make some changes at the tables of your database.

To make any more detailed analyse someone needs access to your db.

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Re: [kailew] $25 to fix non-working links In reply to
You have an error in your database.
A link is displaced which will require you go in MySQL and add it manually, you may have to compare it to your category as well.

Not really sure who will do this for $25, most people work by the hour or project and to be honest the lowest rate I have seen or even quote myself is $75 an hour. The average is $75-$250 an hour.

Sandra Roussel
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