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"file" field mystery

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"file" field mystery
Hello Laugh

I wonder what will happen if the user updates/deletes contents of "file" field?
Will the file be also updated/deleted on/from the server?

Thank you for clearing this up as soon as possible.

Have a nice day Wink


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Robo: Jul 16, 2002, 5:34 AM
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Re: [Robo] "file" field mystery In reply to
Try it. I'm not sure.

I had implemented a specific file delete routine.

I'm looking at my plugin again, to see how to update the code I was able to salvage into a working set of routines.

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Re: [pugdog] "file" field mystery In reply to
Hello PugDog Cool

Thank you for fast response!
But indeed I was asking about "file" funcion which is implemented directly in Links SQL. Does your response mean that you are an author of that routine? Well, I thought it was Alex... I understand that you are perhaps talking about some "file upload mod" ?? Please clear this up for me - I don't understand.

Anyway - I think if "file" function of Links SQL can be used to store images, there shouldn't be any problem if I use it to strore files, am I right?
Then, all I need to know is: if user updates/deletes contents of "file" field, if the file will be also updated/deleted on/from the server?


Robo Tongue