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wwwthreads / Import User data

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wwwthreads / Import User data
Is it possible to install the wwwthreads plugin and import old user data. My LinksQl database contains more important entries, so it would be interesting to import this data into wwwthreads.


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Short answer -- no.

Longer answer -- maybe. I've had on my list to do this, but have just given up and sent out a letter, making everyone reregister.

Links does not store an encrypted password. You'd need to write a routine to feed each links Userid/email/password into the proper routines in the WWWThreads auth, to generate the entry for the WWWThreads forum. Once you do that, you delete your entire links user table (juse "empty" it from mysqlman) and each time a user logs in, it will auto-recreate the Links user.

It would be as simple as reading in the Links.Users table, passing Username, Email and Password to the appropriate routine in w3t to update the database entry.

The tricky part is migrating the entries from the Links user table to w3t table. If someone understands the basis of w3t authentication, it shouldn't be very hard. I haven't hacked w3t, at all, and with 3 major links projects going, I just can't take on more stuff that requires any room in my brain <G> I've made a few half hearted attempts, but for some reason, I'm not doing the w3t thing the way it's expecting.

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