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when do templates get compiled

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when do templates get compiled
Ive noticed that some of my templates did not get recompiled after i save them. What i mean is i have a template in the local directory called test.html. I made some changes to the template but when calling it from my script i still get the old version. Looking further into the issue i noticed that test.html.compiled in the compiled directory has not changed (still has the old info) in it.

So my question is when do these files get compiled (converted)? I would assume that its done after every save.

Any ideas?

i tried to remove the compiled file and re-save the template (through links admin) and it did not create a new compiled page.
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Re: [hagai] when do templates get compiled In reply to
They should be recompiled whenever GT::Template detects a difference in the checksum for the template file. It won't get recompiled until the first time the template is used since a change.

Limecat is not pleased.
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Re: [fuzzy logic] when do templates get compiled In reply to
Right, and thats what i noticed when i deleted the compiled file and re-ran the script.

The thing that worries me is why it didnt re-compile the file after i changed the template.