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updated Ratings.cgi script

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updated Ratings.cgi script
I have an updated ratings.cgi, similar to what I had for Links 1.13, where it tracks user votes and individual ratings.

I have a my_ratings.cgi script that will do that, and it seems to be working (not bug free, but working).

It's not in plugin form, yet, the tables are created by cut/paste to the SQL Monitor, and the def files are created manually by tricking Links a bit.

You copy the My_Ratings.pm to Links::User and my_ratings.cgi to your user bin.

The only change I've had to make is on rate.html to change the submit to my_rate.cgi

It still does not let a user change their rating, but that should be done by tonight or tomorrow.

A user is allowed ONE vote per LINK.

An admin option will allow a user to change it, or not, and will specify a time interval (24 hours, etc.) between changes.

The quality of a site/link may change over time, and a user should be able to change their vote.

Because Username/LinkID/Date is tracked, the votes for each link can be recalculated. This means, you can drop votes/ratings x-time-period old, and rebuild the ratings system.

For instance, you lose a lot of users, they just don't come back, and you want the site to reflect the CURRENT (or mostly) impressions of the users.

You can edit the Rate_UserTrack table, and delete all votes/entries older than x-days.

You can then rebuild the Rate_VoteTrack table (which will update the Links->Votes/Rating fields) and the counts will reflect only the newest entries.

Make sense??

Those counts/votes could be stored in another table, for historical reasons, and performance reasons.... But, at some point, the amount of data becomes pointless, and you need to decide where to cut it off.

Next out is an updated Reviews system, that incorporates this idea, and more. It will used a combined ratings/review system to allow a $ and a point system. Specifically, I need it for a domain name appraising site, where $$ value may not reflect the point value. for instance, a name that is quite good for a personal or hobby site, may not have a high dollar value. I also need it to give profiles of the appraisers (reviewers) as well as breakdowns of the $ and point values of a name/link.

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Re: [pugdog] updated Ratings.cgi script In reply to

Got it all working, I think, except for "rebuild" and "edit/change" your rating.

It does require logon (of course!!).

With a little change it can run along side your other ratings, and you can have a registered users rating system and a non-registered users system. I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, except you could have 'staff' or 'members' rate things, as well as the general community, and keep them separate. You could see how disparate the anonymous postings are <G> ... I really am liking non-authenticated users for serious sites less and less with each site I set up, and script I write. Actually... you could probably set up several ratings systems with this script and just change table names, and have "staff", "professional" and "member" ratings that run separately....

Once I feel up to it, if Gossamer Community doesn't include a re-verify/validate option, I'll end up writing one, and purging out anyone who's email bounces, and/or doesn't re-validate with a link. Over the years, the biggest problems I've had have been with 'anonymous' users, of all sorts, and

I'll post more release information on my site.

PUGDOG� Enterprises, Inc.

The best way to contact me is to NOT use Email.
Please leave a PM here.