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update on the mutli upload /imagegallery mod.

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update on the mutli upload /imagegallery mod.
I'm almost ready to release the MultiUp mod, it's close to beta, and will do what 80% of what people want/need (Can't please everyone!)

The Image Gallery mod, will do more, but will probably not be comptible with the 03.xx.xx MultiUp mod, due to how file storage on disk is selected. The Image Gallery program will allow complex storage assignments, and overrides. The MultiUp program will require a /root/to/upload/storage/ and from there will store the images based on /lc(substr($username))/mod(ID/100)/mod(ID/10)/ID

which will store a link uploaded by JonSmith with ID 2562 as:


You can use symlinks to divide up the storage based on the letter portion, putting more common letters on larger disks if necessary.

Assuming an even distribution, and 200 "leaf" nodes, this system can store 5.2 million "links" with attachments, enough for most sites. If you need more than that, <G> consider upgrading <G>

The larger version (Image Gallery) will allow dividing storage up by user, and offering a much larger set of "rules" for assigning an upload directory. Allowing unlimited storage, and the ability to use remote storage devices via symlinks and eventually, back-end FTP.

Also, the larger version will have features specifically designed for "adult" type content delivery, where content can be targeted to the user via specific keywords that will allow extreme fine tuning, and thus maximum generation of revenue. More on this as the Image Gallery comes closer to release, but it's being built for two customers with specific needs, so it should be pretty awesome.

It will also support the concept of "groups"", "Series" and "targets", which can be accessed in dynamic mode for logged in users, in addition to the browsable "Categories".

Groups will loosely map onto Categories, and will allow "visible" and "invisible" content by default, simply by allowing certain groups to use dynamic mod (logged in users) and others to use static mode (everyone else). You can provide standard AVS access to static pages, and registered/paid/targeted access via dymaic access from the same database.

"Elements" will be the fundamental unit of the Image Gallery, and consist of a singe uploaded element/file. They can be assigned to series or groups, or left in a "default" state. Groups can also belong to series, separate from the groups the individual elements may belong to.

Uploaders can upload into existing groups they own, create new groups, or upload default items. As it matures, the webmaster may be able to assign "default" groups, and provide extra groups capacity to good uploders, or contracted providers.

Anyway, this program grew (mushroomed over night). Everyone who has signed up will get the features of this program at the stated discount price, but I will probably end that discount this month, due to the significant upgrade this just went through. If you were thinking of buying this, now is the time.

Unless I can find a way to unlink the extra features for the adult-site management from the program, the release price will probably be closer to $500-$600 than the $300-$400 I anticipated. I don't see any reason to unlink them, though, since most sites will want to use them, even if they distribute landscapes, clipart or cartoons, since they allow fine-tuned targeting of the customer.

Using the Links engine, this will undoubtedly be the best, most complex feature rich program of it's kind out there, and I need to make sure I can support all those features and customers. (I'm only one person, I work alone, and I work close to 18 hours a day, every day, on average.)

So, I will release the MultiUp plugin, which I hope I can then make Links 2.1 compatible with the "filetype" field, so that upgrades will be easy and seamless, and you can still use the auto-thumbnail and border options, but which will use a simplified disk storage algorithm, and will _MOST_LIKELY_ not be compatible with the Image Gallery program. (There is no pressing reason that it should be... the markets are different, but I had announced earlier that I had hoped it would be!).

The MultiUp program will work with the Logo and Graphic plugins, though in links 2.1, the FileType field will probably do what 80% of the people who would consider the Logo or Graphics plug-ins will do, _AND_ should allow access through the Admin section. According to Alex, so far, though, there won't be separate validation of the attachments apart from the Link, or built-in image processing. If he provides the hook, though, the image processing portion of the MultiUp program can be used to process images (maybe).

On a different note, I just got a notice that Zing.com is closing. As a photo-upload and gallery site, one of the first, with heavy duty advertising, and strong promotion, I find it odd that I'm getting ready to release a gallery program, and they are shutting one down....

The info/order link is here: http://linksql.com/vShop/vitem-6.htm

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