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tweak to auth_w3t

Some suggestions:

Once this mod installs, shouldn't it also snag the hook to the call:


to automatically redirect people to the new signup area?

that would bypass the current forms, and leave the templates in tact (since they aren't being used any more) and if the plug-in is removed, those templates would then just take over as expected. If for any reason they were called, they would generate the error -- which really should link to the registration system: (maybe set it as a config variable):

sub auth_add_user {
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# Can't add a user from Links SQL.
GT::Plugins->action ( STOP ); # Make sure we don't run the main code.
$Links::Authenticate::error = qq|You can only create users from the <A HREF=http://linksql.com/cgi-bin/w3t/newuser.pl>WWWThreads SignUp</A>.|;

Where the <%w3t_url%>/newuser.pl would be figured out by the install, and the error message is tweaked a bit to not say "Admin area" but sign up or registration area.

(I realize in perl its $w3t_url or something similar, but I tried to squeeze a few ideas into a short space).

The last thing I want to start to do is micro-mod the mods ... too many cooks and all that rot!!

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