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title_linked & category_results

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title_linked & category_results
Ok, ok. There are plenty of threads discussing "title_linked" ... but they weren't really helpful to me. ... I'd like to insert 3 kinds of "title_linked" to my pages:

<%title_linked_top%> = "HOME Category ..."

a. without the latest category which I'd like to display with: <%category_short%> and
b. with a "" instead of a ":"

<%title_linked_bottom%> = <%site_title%> Category Latest category

a. again with a "" instead of a ":" and
b. with <%site_title%> from the globals instead of HOME.

And then there are the "category_results" within the search-results-pages.

I'd like them to be listed as they are but of course with a "" instead of a ":"

If I'm right I'll need one or 3 plugins for this? Please help. BTW: Did I forget an ":"s?

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Re: [e] title_linked & category_results In reply to
To change the existing title_linked you can write a very simple plugin (this is off the top of my head so apologies if it's not quite right):

Using the plugin wizard, name your plugin (e.g. NewTitleLinked) and add some version details;

Add a PRE hook for build_title_linked;

Then get to the end of the wizard.

Edit the NewTitleLinked.pm file and in the newly created sub, copy the existing build_title_linked from build.pm.

Add the line

GT::Plugins->action ( STOP );

before '$return output'.

Now I would install the plugin as it is to make sure that your site still works and then you can uninstall it and play around with the code to get at least one of the title_linked outputs as you want it.

I'm not sure about how you would go about having different versions, but I suspect you could add another sub to your NewTitleLinked.pm file and call it from your templates using <%Plugins::NewTitleLinked::Name_of_sub%>.

Hope that helps a bit,

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Antwort: [e] title_linked & category_results In reply to

Sorry, I do not know exactly, what you mean.
Please ask your question in the German forum.
malinet Informatik (http://www.linkssql.info)
the German language reseller of Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [afinlr] title_linked & category_results In reply to
Thanks Laura, I did it.