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sub cat formatting and yahoo-plugin mod

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sub cat formatting and yahoo-plugin mod
One of the things bugging me with the split category listing, is how the lists go down, rather than across, so that things don't line up very well, and one column can be much longer than another.

With DHTML clipping, you can even define areas such that the text can be clipped by the browser, so that you can allow 100 characters, but know you will only have room to display 60-80 characters depending on the browser and platform, but still have the text look even.

The trick is making sure the spaces exist, and it looks right.

With the current plug-in, if your category has no subcategories, it's just ignored, and that column is now that much shorter. On multipurpose sites, that usually isn't a problem, as most top level categories have subcats, but on niche or targeted sites, often, the main menu entry is the option, and it throws the formatting all off.

This modification takes the sub category name, and turns it into a sub-cat listing, if no other subcategories exist, thus preserving the formatting. It looks good, and looks better than just inserting a < br > or a "None" into the space (although you can edit the code to do just that).

Take a look at
to see it in action.

I'll add this mod to the FAQ site, along with the version for the FAQ site, which lists the subcats in columns, and maybe one or two other versions.

You'll need to download and install the original plug-in from the GT site, but then just copy one of thes .pm files over the .pm file in the Plugins directory to make it work. Simple, and should still protect the basic license (since you'll need to install the plugin from the GT site at least once to have the right hooks and config options).

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