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search results in category.html

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search results in category.html
Is there a way to display search results in the category page. to use a global that return the same result as I would get if I use the search.cgi and to insert the top 5 of them in the category page.
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Re: [nir] search results in category.html In reply to
Not sure how to create a global for that, however you can try this:

1. Setup a search result page
2. Call it via include function (so in this way you can include different pages for different query)

Hope this helps.

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Re: [nir] search results in category.html In reply to

The simple answer - is you can't. You would have to somehow duplicate the function from doing a search.

The other option would be to make a new search_results.html template - and just have it included via a global (with a basic template - i.e just plain text) ... but again, thats not that simple to do (I believe its not as simple as just passing search.cgi?query=xxx;t=search_results2)


Andy (mod)
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