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retro links..... 1.1x vs 2.x

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retro links..... 1.1x vs 2.x
In case anyone remembers the delays for links 2.0, and wonders if it was all worth it.... YES!!!! It was!

I have been moving/converting my last legacy 1.1x site, and looking into some of the older globals I had written, and there is no comparason between the SQL engine in 1.1x and 2.x. There is nothing like the interface for the Links SQL engine. Anyone still working with DBI directly knows that!

I can't even begin to think how many man hours the new code saves in debugging, development, and clean-interfaces. 2 years of delays in exchange for loss of man hours in each and every project undertaken... was well worth it. With 35 links SQL sites running, and more planned, the benefits of the OO interface, redesigned engine, and improved template parser were well worth it -- and I have not even begun to look at 2.2.0 yet <G>

Also, if there was any question about using the object oriented interface, or the regular one, hands down approval for the OO Interface. The code is so much more readable, even years later -- even in it's rudamentary form as in 1.1x.

I know I posted how many lines of code I was able to remove from programs rewritten to 2.0 right after it came out, but in retrospect, it's so glaringly obvious... I needed to make another comment on it.

Just a plug for doing it right the first time, even if it takes a bit longer.

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