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report a dead link
I just downloaded the report a bad link plugin. I have just upgraded my linksSQL. When you go to a category and a user clicks report a dead link, the user is able to download the cgi file bad_link.cgi... I know this problem seems to have an easy answer, but I don't know what it is.

I tried chmod 755 (already done), any other ideas?

http://www.magicdirectory.com/ -- try any link

Thanks for the help,

- Jonathan
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Re: [jdgamble] report a dead link In reply to
Found the problem... there is a line that needs to be marked out in the bad_link.cgi.

It is a print statement in the middle of the code that should not exist.

# print "The ID was found, the rec is ", %$rec, "<br><BR>";

Since the header is not printed first, it gives an error. I am going to try and do some updates to this mod... Will get back to this forum...

Super duper,

- Jonathan
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Re: [jdgamble] report a dead link In reply to

This has been reported, some how the file in the GT archives got mixed up.

I think there is a newer version in the forums here. Check, I think there is another subtle error that was fixed as well.

A newer version/update is in the works, for release with a bunch of other stuff shortly.

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