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question about upload mod

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question about upload mod
Dear Pugdog,

I would like to know whehter your upload plug in can upload multipule images or not?

Actually, I want to have one graphic for every link which display on the link listing page. I also want some other images to display in the detail page as well.


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The short answer, because the plugin attempts to store the file as ID_filename.ext, is yes.

The considered answer, because this becomes a nightmare in managing the files, it's not enabled in the current version, and there is a check to make sure only file file is allowed per link. That check could be overridden, but there is no built in management for the non-logo link, so you'd have to know what you called the files -- they'd be available, but links wouldn't really know about them.

The long answer, -- version 02.xx.xx will have as an option the ability to manage multiple attachments.

The problem is I hit a "bug" with links, where I can't bubble the error condition back, so I can't check the conditions and make sure the plug-in is safe. That has delayed the release of the 01.01.29+ version, until Alex can figure out what is going on with it.

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