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prob with detailed pages and null URL

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prob with detailed pages and null URL
I'm using Links SQL (in one instance) as a golf course directory, where the Course name links into a detailed page that contains a full course profile.

I'd like a link to the golf course website to show up on the course profile, but only if there is a link available.

To that end, I changed the parameters of the URL column to:

Column Name: URL
Column Type: VARCHAR 255
Not Null: No
Default: (empty)
Form Display: URL
Form Type: Text
Regex: ^\w+:
Search Weight: (empty)

And then added an IF statement to detailed.html:

<%if URL%>
<a class="link" href="<%db_cgi_url%>/safe_jump.cgi?ID=<%ID%>">Course Website</a>

So then I tried to modify my existing Links in order to make them null by removing the 'http://' from the courses which had no links (they had 'http://' set in the URL field by default...)

However, when I try to save this change I get the following error:

Unable to modify Link:
+ URL cannot contain the value "

Why is it returning this when the URL is empty, and the Column is set to Not Null=No, the Default for the field is empty, and Search wieght is empty?



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Re: [codetrance] prob with detailed pages and null URL In reply to
You have to clear the Regex field, too.

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