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phpBB Integration
Has anyone integrated/ looked at integrating phpBB(http://www.phpbb.com) with links sql user db?

Personally I feel that this would be really useful, seeing as it
1)is free
2)rivals most commercial bbs.
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Re: phpBB Integration In reply to
i bet it wouldn't be that easy since, theFinn isn't very concerned with trying to add his script to other people's. He seems to be more concerned with speed and code currently.

over here ... I wonder, since it's a BBS in php, what kind of reception it will get.

You do have 2 good points there and the team-up would be definately amazing. but then again it seems that wwwthreads rules ... nothing against either, but definately an interesting thing to set-up.

I'm interested ... makes you wonder how far off the two data structures are in the sql formating ...

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Re: [jdunes] phpBB Integration In reply to
Nothing huh, since 2001, theres still no plugins or otherwise that allows integration with different forums and or portal systems.? Or am I not searching hard enough in the forums.
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Re: [aph] phpBB Integration In reply to
Sadly, I'd love to see an integraton with phpbb, instead of some of the hgh priced boards that are about the same. The way I see it, is that "all" that needs to be done is to modify phpbb's authentication table to use glinks, but that would assume that they use the same encryption for both, that way, when someone logs into Glinks, they could log into phpbb (yes double logins) but with the same username and password. Then again if they use the same authentication method, it would be possible I think to write a simple statement in php or mysql to write their username and password into phpbb so it's already there.

But hey, why bother, right, theres Gforums to be bought that integratess for only $200.00, whereas phpbb is $0.00 and ikonboard is also $0.00 or at least it was last time I used it.. Angelic
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Re: [aph] phpBB Integration In reply to
You can always get a quote from GT to write a plugin specifically for phpbb authentication.

FWIW, I wouldn't call $200 for an owned forum licence 'high priced'.