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nph-build.cgi in cron mode

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nph-build.cgi in cron mode

I would like to use nph-build.cgi in cron mode.
But, my mutualized hosting does not give the possibility of using an argument (nph-build.cgi --changed) in the path.

There would be a solution for to use a script to build the pages without argument ?

For example:

nph-build_changed.cgi and nph-build_all.cgi

I tested this, but that does not function.
<?php exec('wget /home/.../admin/nph-build.cgi --changed') ; ?>

Thank you for your assistance.


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MJ_: Apr 20, 2010, 12:18 PM
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Re: [MJ_] nph-build.cgi in cron mode In reply to

You could try it with a .sh script... something like:

perl /full/path/to/admin/nph-build.cgi --all

Then set the cronjob up as:

sh /full/path/to/admin/build_all.sh


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] nph-build.cgi in cron mode In reply to
Hi Andy,

Thank you very much, that functions perfectly. Smile