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mysql conditional selects

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mysql conditional selects
Can MYSQL queries include conditional statements such as:

select 3, order by live_date UNLESS (pick out the top row, if its live_date != todays_date) then select 3, order by random?
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Re: [scorpioncapital] mysql conditional selects In reply to
Something like this?

$DB->table('Links')->select( ['3'], GT::SQL::Condition->new('live_date','!=','todays_date') ) || die $GT::SQL::error;


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] mysql conditional selects In reply to
Not exactly, more like, if today's date is equal to Live_date of the latest record(s) when ORDERED by live_date, continue, otherwise get 'n' random records. I.e. we don't know the live_date a priori, I suppose this requires two calls right - one to get the live_date and compare it, and then to pull either those records or a random one, maybe it can be done in 1 but can't figure it