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multilingual plugin wishlist

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multilingual plugin wishlist
I'm not sure if these are possible but hope so...
  • Choose whether or not to build home page: build home if build_home eq ' '
  • Choose whether or not to build a category: build category if build_cat eq ' '
  • Choose whether or not to build a detailed page: build detailed if build_det eq ' '
  • (may be set as 'Yes' or 't' or similar by site owner)
  • All of the above to be switched off if not required.
  • Built in .wml template set with correct file extension .wml

Correction of date problem where <%Add_Date%> gives correct language/date in dynamic pages but not in static pages.
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Re: [Alba] multilingual plugin wishlist In reply to
Another item for the list... probably more important than the others.

build_category_format - in the default (English) version I have this set as Full/Long Category/Name but in the languages that contain foreign characters, I'll need to set this as Category ID.

Can the plugin contain a way of modifying this for different languages?