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lost my to-do list for the past 2 years

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lost my to-do list for the past 2 years
One thing I forgot to mention, as the last "kicker" in my stolen computer and 2 years of troubles, is my To-Do list with all the bugs, tweaks, globals, and "little things" I said I was doing, or would get to, was lost.

I've been trying to recreate it from forum threads, but most is missing.

If there is any tweak, bug fix to incorporate or update to any of the following programs, please remind me.
  1. detail page
  2. bad link
  3. recommend it
  4. alpha bar/search
  5. improved search logger
  6. days old subroutine
  7. postcards.cgi
  8. logo plugin
  9. image upload/multi-up

or the current development group:
  1. auction links (HyBid)
  2. image gallery (ImageSQL)
  3. tool box/widgets (SQLWidgets)
  4. classifieds

They are being developed in that order, with parts of the auction program being developed for ImageSQL (not the otherway round) and parts of both of those being stuffed into the SQLWidgets (which in some ways will end up like the GT:: library of common routines).

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