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keywords for links
is there any plugins that allow admin to enter keywords for each link added? where ca i find it?
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Re: [ajiimd] keywords for links In reply to
I am not expert by the way but I think if you have a read through the manual it will tell you how to add columns.
A similar approach can be used for links where you can add a new field which could be keyword and then give it a weight.

I'm still developing my program so not sure how it is going to all fall out at the end yet but I think if you add fields for the submission pages they get searched on and the term 'score' does the priority bit.

good luck


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Re: [KevM] keywords for links In reply to
KevM is right,

Just create a new column in link properties and use that for keyword fields. And not only that, if you wish, you can also allow listing owners to add keywords for their own listing, and if you don't want it that way, then you can set it up in a way that only admin and/or editors can add keywords.

Hope this helps.