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jump.cgi mod
Hey Everyone,

I have been searching the posts but can't seem to find a solutions to this. Could someone help.

I noticed an important factor in the LSQL that prohibits search engines from indexing all of my pages.

I went to a site map application that builds a site map just as a search engine would crawl your site and was supprised to see that the application would only index my homepage and thought the site only has 1 page to it although I have over 50,000. I looked at the code and noticed it was putting my url before all of the links. http://www.myurl.com/Category/index.html

When I went to admin I chose setup and made the root url to blank instead of having the URL there and it fixed the homepage so that it took out my URL completely. I then ran the Site Map application again and it now indexed 16 pages which were the main cat links. GREAT!

However, now throughout the whole system the jump.cgi is used which places the url in front off all category links etc.

Is there a way to make the system not put the URL in front of all links without messing up the way everything is built?


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Hi Kato,

I think I had a similar question, Alex helped me on this: