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iUNI Links Plugins (EM, UM etc)

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iUNI Links Plugins (EM, UM etc)
I have resurrected some information on my plugins at my company's website:


I will add to this area over time.

More important, it has been suggested to me that a consolidated tips and faqs for these plugins would be nice, and I have created a brand new forum where these can go: http://forums.iuni.com.

Feel free to add your modifications, or usage tips, I will be doing the same in the coming period.

There "may" be an update to some of these scripts over the horizon (new version), but I have nothing to report as yet.



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Ian: Oct 29, 2005, 8:03 AM
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Re: [Ian] iUNI Links Plugins (EM, UM etc) In reply to

Interested in your "User Plugin" if it will work with links versions 3.+

Also, one of the features I think I saw was that in the user page it will show which other users they contacted - does it have this feature? If so, then would it be possible to implement to also "show users who contacted me"?

If there is a page which lists all the features of this plugin or better yet a demo, I would like to take a look.