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google pagerank

have anybody a plugin or a global to show the google pagerank of a website???

greetings from germany

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Re: [regatta] google pagerank In reply to

I don't think Google actually let you do this :( ...and, even if they did... the actual PR you get shown, is 99% sure to be different... as they apparantly show older PR rankings, with a few months backlogging.

Sorry I couldn't be more help :(


Andy (mod)
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Re: [regatta] google pagerank In reply to

I wrote some PHP code that will display it but haven't ported it to a Links/Perl environment as yet.

Some things that are useful to know:

1. Google doesn't support this as part of their Google API so if you automate PR requests to frequently, Google may ban your IP or something. Always pays to be nice to Google and obey their commands.

2. Requesting Google PR via code basically involves simulating Google Toolbar requests. So, the PR you get is the same as that displayed in your Google Toolbar. So, it's not the true current PR. Google updates the public 'PR' about every 3 months of so.

Peter Puglisi
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Re: [rocco] google pagerank In reply to
My feeling: the PR is a red herring, that gives some people something pretty to look at, but *more* importantly, a way for google to track you, without telling you anything "earthshakingly important".

I have "0" PR pages that come up on top of other pages for semi-targeted searches (nothing _specific_ to that page only, but not a single word)

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Re: [pugdog] google pagerank In reply to
Google no longer reports current PR.

It was TOO useful for SEO.