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global returning dynamic URL (page.cgi)

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global returning dynamic URL (page.cgi)

There are different globals for getting the URL of the current shown page.
They all contain as_url(...) and return the static URL.

Is it possible, that this as_url(...) returns the dynamic URL?

That means instead of /category1/subcategory return category1%2Fsubcategory
for using in ...page.cgi?..URL ?

Thanks, Tina
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Re: [tga] global returning dynamic URL (page.cgi) In reply to

Any URL's passed through the GT::Template system should accomidate for the d=1 paramater.

i.e if you are on;


..and a link goes to;


..then without the d=1, it would goto;


GT have made it nice and easy to do this kind of thing :)


Andy (mod)
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