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final bit - paid job

posted this on the wrong board (I think) so thought I had better put it in here.

I've pretty much got my Links SQL looking and set up the way i want it but I need a bit of help with a couple of final bits and pieces to bring it all together. My html knowledge is pretty good but some of these 'little' bits are using bits of Links that I can't get my head round.

They are all to do with formatting. Can someone give me a price to finish off the setup, (I've got a list of what I need done and also the templates that are used i.e subcategory.html, use of the title linked tag). I know where all the bits are but I can't make them happen and I am not sure why, probably lack of knowledge of the program.

If you could reply with an email would be grateful so I can send the list and fix a price

kind rgds