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drop-down change linked image?

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drop-down change linked image?
I'm working on some (way too many) things, and javascript just isn't one of them.

IN the current GoCart, a drop down is generated that displays the current order options for that item.

I'd like to be able to display a different photo with each selected item, simply by changing the drop down selection (no clicking).

Does anyone have a pointer to existing code for this? I know I've seen it, somewhere.

This would be nice to have, since it would be mostly template based, with hopefully a minor change to the code to allow images to be included in the main item listing.

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Re: [pugdog] drop-down change linked image? In reply to
It's probably more of an "Internet Technologies" question even though it's realted to GoCart as it is javascript specific.

Your best bet is looking at somewhere like dynamicdrive.com

You can probably just use a DIV and an onchange() call in the select field.