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display results from more than one category

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display results from more than one category
I have an idea for a plugin if it does not exist which i think might be useful. If this became available I would like to add.

If a user drills down to a category and performs a search I would like to show the results from the next level up too, i.e if you have



If the user goes to audio and searches they may or may not get a result but it would be useful, if there are few or no results in that category, to have, separated by a line so it is clear "your search returned x results from >electronics" or better, "Results from electronics xxxnumber of links" and then the links underneath.

In other words LSQL searches Parent>child>grandchild etc but is it possible for one of the kids to display results from it's immediate parent after the childs results, perhaps based on number of results shown (greater than 10 no parent result, less than 10 show parent result) - perhaps a setting could be to display results from as many parents as admin decided.

I think this would be useful as not all directories are heavily populated the lower down the tree you go but the essence of LSQL is the power it has to categorise results (for me anyway).

Any thoughts? Is this actually possible?