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customise build_category_format

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customise build_category_format
I am looking to use alternative domain names pointing to some of my GLinks sub-categories.

root/cat2/cat3/cat4 where root is root domain name (www.root-domain-name.com)
and cat2 is domain name2 (www.domain-name2.com)
and root/cat5/cat6/cat7 where cat5 is domain name3

I would like to use the build_category_format :
so www.root-domain-name.com/cat2/ becomes www.domain-name2.com/
and www.root-domain-name.com/cat2/cat3/ becomes www.domain-name2.com/cat3/
and the same for www.domain_name3.com/cat6/ etc.

Can this be done in setup/build_category_format ? and if so, what tags should be used?

Thanks in advance
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Re: [Alba] customise build_category_format In reply to
I should have added that I only want to use this in alternative category templates (category_2.html, category_3.html etc) the rest of the site will be built as standard.

I can therefore write the domain name into the template and it is only the subcategories that need to be modified:

category_2.html is www.domain-name2.com/ <%system writes cat3/.. etc%>
category_3.html is www.domain-name2.com/ <%system writes cat6/.. etc%>