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current list of available hooks?

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current list of available hooks?
Hi -

I'm wondering if there is a list somewhere of all the available plugin hooks, along with for what they would be used?

Right now, I'm looking at "Developers Guide: Plugin Hooks" which says "This section describes all the hooks available in Links SQL."

And then goes on to list these hooks:

site_html_[template name]

But there are more than just these, no? For example, in Links/Users.pm there appear to be references to a couple hooks not listed in the developer's guide: "display_user" and "form_user".

Specifically, I am needing to hook into the user signup procedure so that I can track who "sponsored" the user, and assign someone if no sponsor is defined (via a hidden field on the register form).

This is just an example of one of the things I need to do with a plugin (well, I'd rather that than hack the core code, anyway). So, a thorough list would be most useful!

Is my copy of the developer's guide outdated? I just installed 2.0.5, so I think it should be current...

Thanks for any assistance!

Matt G
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Re: [Matt Glaspie] current list of available hooks? In reply to
In the readme for the beta of 2.1 alex states that he has added in some more hooks.list probably will change on release of 2.1
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Re: [dragonface] current list of available hooks? In reply to
Okay, thanks DF.

To GT: A couple hooks I'd like to see, if they are not already considered are:

- a hook into the user signup procedure, as in my above post.

- a hook into the procedure to display Links for validation so that one could alter the display format and order of Links presented when validating... (I use an "expedited" feature where links marked this way get priority validation service - it is helpful to have those at the top of the page and have a different background color)


Matt G