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change linkID to varchar
Hi everybody,

I have to change my LinkID from int(10) to varchar(7). that was no Problem

but now my jump.cgi result an error : the id is not present in the DB

Where is the problem??

please help regards

Marina Koenig
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Re: [mkoenig] change linkID to varchar In reply to
Having played around with non integer primary keys, I can tell you that this is not a good idea. Why do you need to change it to a Varchar? If you need another unique identifier that is not an integer, I would add another field to the database and leave ID as it is.

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Re: [mkoenig] change linkID to varchar In reply to
I would not suggest playing with the primary key like that. It's an autoincrement field, and has special characteristics.

It's used throughout the Links system, so changing it can cause unpredictable results.

As suggested, creating a new field, or perhaps changing your "idea" will be better.

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