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change NEXT button to show different category&link

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change NEXT button to show different category&link
I want to specify the orders of subcategories and links.

something like this: (subcatID,LinkID)>>(subcatID,LinkID)>>(subcatID,LinkID)

means, I want to force the "More" button to display a spesified category and link in it (one link per page)..

the sequence/order of categories&links should be pre-spesified in the parent category.

thank you again
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Re: [Mark2] change NEXT button to show different category&link In reply to
Well!!! maybe I am not explaining it very well...

What I want is a way to pre-set the sequence of links regardless of the category (not just within the same category), means I want to specify what category/link should appear next (from any category and not just the same category) when the user clicks on the NEXT button (from paging).
I have my links set to display ONE link per page.
I want the change to be made in the parent category, so here I can specify the sequence of links that should get displayed instead of just letting LINKS display them as the user does not care about the category, rather, just the admin does ...example...(g=2,more5.html) >>> (g=6,more3.html)..etc...
So I should have a field in category table to specify the sequence...
and something like below on the subcategory pages:

<loop throught_link_navigation_sequence>
<if link_is_not_in_this_category>

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