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category_results_loop in 2.2.1

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category_results_loop in 2.2.1

Has anyone else had problems using the category_results_loop tag in search_results.html ? The <%category_results%> tag works fine, and gives the results you would expect. However, using the loop;

a) Doesn't have <%URL%> defined
b) For some reason, <%Short_Name%> isn't defined either.
c) Most of the other tags also don't seem to be available.

I've tried doing this as a global, in subcategory.html , with;

<%ifnot Name%>

.. and then this code;

sub {
print "GOT ID: $_[0]";
my $table = $DB->table('Category');
my $hash = $table->select( { ID => $_[0] } )->fetchrow_hashref;
print "GOT Full_NAME: $hash->{Full_Name}";
$hash->{ShowName} = Links::Build::build ('title_linked', { name => $hash->{Full_Name}, complete => 1, home => 0 });
my $URL = $table->as_url($hash->{Full_Name});
return {
ShowName => $hash->{ShowName},
URL => $URL,
Full_Name => $hash->{Full_Name},
Short_Name => $hash->{Name},
Number_of_Links => $hash->{Number_of_Links}

However, this STILL doesn't work. It just outputs;

Business_and_Management ==> Business and Management ==> Business and Management
Business_and_Management ==> Business and Management/Business Strategy ==> Business Strategy

This is really causing me to loose my hair ~:| I've been working on it for the last hour, and its driving me mad Mad

Anyone got any ideas?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] category_results_loop in 2.2.1 In reply to
What you got for this code as result?:
print "GOT Full_NAME: $hash->{Full_Name}";
Did it print the full category name?

Best regards,

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