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category browse fatal error

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category browse fatal error
when I try to browse using the admin/browse function, I can expand the tree of categories and I can get details for the top category home, but if I click on any other category I get this error

Database error: Failed to execute query: 'SELECT Links.ID FROM CatLinks,Links WHERE CatLinks.LinkID = Links.ID AND (CatLinks.CategoryID = '149746') ORDER BY LIMIT 0, 25' Reason: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'LIMIT 0, 25' at line 1 at /home/cgi-bin/admin/Links/Browser.pm line 1538.

I dont get this error every time that I do it just most of the time.

I recently deleted a load of fields from both the category and links databases, but nothing that I deleted was a standard linkssql field.

I get the feeling that something somewhere, in a database is missing or corrupt, but how do I check and how do I fix it