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categories in the detailed page

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categories in the detailed page

I display th categories of the link in me detailed page

My global is get_link_cats :

sub {
my $id = shift;
my $db = $DB->table ('Category','CatLinks');
my $sth = $db->select ( { LinkID => $id }, ['ID','Name','nom_repertoire','Full_Name'] );
my $cat;
while (my ($name,$nom_repertoire,$full_name) = $sth->fetchrow_array) {
my $test = Links::Build::build('title_linked', { name => $nom_repertoire, complete => 1 });
$cat .= qq~<li>$test<br>~;
return $cat;

I call it from the detailed page with

<%loop link_cats%>
<a href="<%build_root_url%>/<%cat_url%>"><%cat_name%><br>

I was working perfectly but my problem is that I have just changed my build directories using build_directory_field in setup /Build Settings
(the column I have added in my category table is : own_directory_name )

<%cat_url%> is not working anymore because my links are now builded in the specific directories I have specified (using the field own_directory_name)...

Any idea of the changes I have to do to link to the good directories ?

txs for your help :)

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fmp: May 8, 2005, 11:21 AM
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Re: [fmp] categories in the detailed page In reply to
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Re: [fmp] categories in the detailed page In reply to
You should be generating your category URL's like this:
"$CFG->{build_root_url}/" . $category->as_url($cat->{Full_Name}) . "/$CFG->{build_index}";
Replace $cat->{Full_Name} with the variable containing the Full_Name of the category - in your case, $full_name.