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bulk load into sql/server

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bulk load into sql/server
give us a hint, pleeease?

brand new user of Links SQL, with NFI (no idea) how to bulk load into SQL/Server database

database is set up, a few links were entered manually (throught the admin pages) for testing purposes, the main category structure is ready to go, and we can run SQL Monitor to find out what the category ID and names are

somebody pleeeease give a hint on how to bulk load our links, currently in excel, planning to massage further as necessary before saving as a flat file...

where does the flat file go and how do we get it there? what do we run to load it into sql/server?

do we have to "fake" a backup/restore?

totally lost here...
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Re: [r937] bulk load into sql/server In reply to

You can goto Database->Links->Properties->Import Data to import the data.

To see the format it needs, try the Export Data and look at the results. Should be fairly easy to get excel to produce the format Links SQL needs.


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Re: [Alex] bulk load into sql/server In reply to
thanks alex, but i keep getting "fatal" errors (oh, my poor heart)

both ways -- keeping all columns as per the exported file, and also eliminating all but the columns i want to supply, as per the advice in the "excel" forum thread

it's version 2.0.5, by the way, installed just last month

P.S. sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, but please check my update yesterday here --> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/perl/gforum/gforum.cgi?post=185430

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r937: Mar 6, 2002, 12:18 PM