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badlink.cgi returns html code NS/Opera

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badlink.cgi returns html code NS/Opera
Trying to work up my templates and I'd like to use the badlink plug in, but in NS6 and Opera it displays the html source code instead of the page. In IE6 it displays normally. Never saw that happen before so I'm really clueless.

I've already added the Links::init code, and don't get any actual errors. Thoughts? Or does this plugin just not work right with this 2.1?
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Re: [scifiguy] badlink.cgi returns html code NS/Opera In reply to
Check the templates, and make sure they are returning valid HTML.

If there is a DOCTYPE statement, remove it.

If HTML is being shown, it means the browser is interpreting the data as text, and not picking up on the <HTML> tag. Content type should be text/HTML, and is set with the

print $IN->header();

lines, otherwise youd be getting a 500 error.

It's most likely not seeing the <HTML> tag, and you should make sure it's the first thing in the file.

Just a thought (I have not used NS6 or opera, and don't know their quirks).

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