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add multiple categories fast

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add multiple categories fast
You know when you copy and paste a file in windows and you get a copy of it called Copy of Filename. I want to add loads of categories that are all very similar, but just have different titles/locations. Is there any way of doing anything close to the windows file copy for categories?
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Re: [gtquestions] add multiple categories fast In reply to
You could try using my Multi_Categories plugin;


It basically allows you to create categories fast...i.e;

By City:::France
Paris:::France/By City
Bordeux:::France/By City
By City:::England
Manchester:::England/By City
London:::England/By City

That would create;

France/By City
France/By City/Paris
France/By City/Bordeux
England/By City
England/By City/Manchester
England/By City/London

Hope that helps Smile


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] add multiple categories fast In reply to
And this plugin my Andy rocks :)

Just for the testing purpose, I tried to create about 10,000 categories (with proper meta tags) and it finished the job in less then 9 minutes.

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