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adcycle gone bad
Everything seemed to be working fine for a long time. Now when I go to my admin>plugins>AdCenter

all that comes up is a window with my campaigns
it seems that the other tabs (ie groups, Advertisers etc) are no longer there.

Help please
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Re: [knewt] adcycle gone bad In reply to
It's tragic when good programs go bad :)

But seriously.... Are you sure nothing has changed? Did you reboot your machine with the browser on it, to make sure Windows wasn't running out of resources to display the web page?

If that isn't/wasn't the problem, did you try to "repair" the database? You need ROOT access to do that, so if you are not on a dedidcated server, ask your ISP to run ISAMCHK on your tables, and see if anything needs to be repaired.

Other than that.... Good luck!! I don't have a copy of Adcycle running to know what else it could be. Odds are, though, it's one of the problems above (unless something did change on your server -- or you had a script go bad ie: disk error).

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Re: [pugdog] adcycle gone bad In reply to
thanks Pugdog
I should have reposted, I removed my old adcycle and reinstalled a new version and it works fine now. Not sure what when wrong but there ya go. all better :)

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